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Dell Tech Summit: Power of compute in the next data decade

Source: TechRepublic Computing will be more intelligent, personal, and accessible than ever before, according to Dell executives.

AWS CloudFormation updates for Amazon API Gateway, AWS CodePipeline, AWS Amplify, Amazon ES, AWS App Mesh and more

Source: AWS You can now use CloudFormation templates to configure and provision additional features for AWS CodePipeline, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Amplify, Amazon ElasticSearch Service (Amazon ES), AWS App Mesh, and more AWS resources. CloudFormation periodically releases additional support, making it easier for developers to configure and provision AWS services.

Scientists use nanosatellites to upload data from climate change research at the North Pole

Source: TechRepublic The MOSAiC expedition will drift in arctic ice for a year to study the impact of climate change.

Enough with the pilots: IoT in manufacturing is ready to grow at scale

Source: TechRepublic Companies may need to double or triple data strategy budgets to build an infrastructure big enough to manage all this new data.

Helium activates wireless network for IoT devices in more than 425 US cities

Source: TechRepublic Designed to connect Internet of Things devices over a long distance, Helium’s network of hotspots uses peer-to-peer sharing and rewards adopters with cryptocurrency.

Supply chain startup combines IoT sensors, AI, and process automation to track shipments from dock to destination

Source: TechRepublic Roambee wants to help the World Food Programme monitor security, temperature, and humidity as well as driving conditions to deliver food and medicine safely.

NYC launching IoT system to monitor traffic and reboot malfunctioning signals

Source: TechRepublic Power-over-Ethernet switches will manage sensors and cameras at 10,000 intersections

Forrester: The 5 ways cloud computing will change in 2020

Source: TechRepublic Hyperscale cloud alliances, cloud native innovations, and new cloud security requirements will reshape cloud computing in 2020, a Forrester report found.

Forrester: The 5 IoT predictions paving the way for 2020

Source: TechRepublic The future of IoT involves connected trucks, smart speaker displays, and ransomware, a Forrester report found.

AWS Service Catalog enables transfer of provisioned product ownership

Source: AWS AWS Service Catalog now enables administrators and team members to change the ownership of their provisioned products. With this feature, when team members or responsibilities change, ownership of their provisioned products can easily be transferred to a new team member or role. 

MIT's self-assembling robots are making moves, literally

Source: TechRepublic The modular M-Blocks can intercommunicate, climbing over and around each other.

Digital maturity depends on AI adoption for organizations

Source: TechRepublic Data collection alone doesn’t help organizations succeed. Here’s how AI can make the difference.