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Russian Wives

Honey, the cats were killed by me

Honey, the cats were killed by me Dorota Maslowska (trans. Benjamin Paloff) Whenever Farah and Joanne first came across . . . It absolutely was April, or could even, difficult to state now, it down going by their text messages . . you could surely nail . They hit it off fatally right from the get-go, in addition they chatted all night, walking intently down and up Royal Barber Street, completely not capable of parting (“And you receive it, she had about this blue velour dress, anyhow, velour wears away fast.” “Speaking of blue, these blue sweats I’ve been putting on recently whenever I drive to yoga . . .” “Get away from city, i usually walk to yoga.” “we like walking generally speaking, however with a fast, springy action, never ever slowly.” “My nephew is extremely sluggish. We swear you...