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How manufacturers implement the Secure Product Fingerprint

Source: IOT : IOT Bosch Software Innovations recently introduced the Secure Product Fingerprint, a new anti-counterfeiting solution. It provides two distinct ways of ensuring product authenticity. First, there is the Artificial Fingerprint – a QR code enhanced by embedded micro-features. The second option is the Natural Fingerprint, in which the surface of the product itself is used for validation. What is more, the Secure Product Fingerprint opens up opportunities that go beyond combating counterfeits. In particular, it can be used for product tracking and enhancing customer relationship management (CRM). What does it mean to put this solution into practice? To give you a better understanding, we talked to two manufacturers who are already implementing it. Source: Bosch Bosch Rexroth Chin...

A guide to data monetization

Source: IOT : IOT “Like the oil industry, there will be those who make money through the raw materials and those that add value along the many steps in the value chain.” Zach Gemignani, CEO Juice Analytics This shows very nicely that there is not only one way to generate value by selling resources, but also to apply value-adding steps to make this resource even more valuable. By this you see that you’ve got different approaches to monetize your data and thus have the possibility to make a positive and measurable impact on your business revenue. Essential for direct data monetization is matchmaking between the right stakeholders. According to Gartner, there are two main approaches to profit from your data: Direct data monetization: You provide direct access to your data (e...

How to reduce traffic accidents with IoT data

Source: IOT : IOT Timo Gessmann Timo Gessmann is the director of the Bosch IoT Lab. Together with his team he is working on IoT-enabled new business fields with a focus on mobility, energy and health as well as IoT business models, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Even though the number of fatal road accidents in the European Union has fallen substantially over the last two decades, there were still almost 26,000 deaths due to road accidents in 2016. The European Commission has set itself the target of bringing this number down to close to zero by 2050. But what can be done to improve road safety? This is one of the questions being investigated by the Bosch IoT Lab. The goal is to prevent accidents on public roads based on IoT data. We want to make drivers aware of possib...

AWS IoT Core Now Supports HTTP REST APIs with X.509 Client Certificate-Based Authentication On Port 443

Source: AWS Beginning today, you can call AWS IoT Core’s HTTPS Publish API with certificate-based client authentication on port 443. Previously this combination of protocol and authentication mechanism was only supported on port 8443.  

How to identify the right IoT platform? Ask the users!

Source: IOT : IOT The IoT User Survey In order to assemble a broad foundation for guidance for companies looking for the right IoT Platform, the teknowlogy Group asked over 2,000 users to share their perception of 38 Internet of Things platforms. The author of this post shares some of the highlight results with us. There is hardly a market more dynamic and complex as that relating to IoT platforms, where a huge number of providers are offering highly diverse options. It is almost impossible for buyers to find their way through the maze of information about what each provider offers, each of them also serving different customer requirements. Besides, the IoT platforms we see on the market today do not yet support each and every client need. Bosch IoT Suite ranks top The IoT survey participa...

X.509 based device authentication in Eclipse Hono

Source: IOT : IOT During the last few months, the media has been full of reports about insecure IoT devices that did not fulfill even the most basic security requirements. One of the concerns raised was the confidentiality of data being transferred from devices to cloud services provided by the manufacturers. In many cases, data is sent over public networks fully unencrypted, which is quite surprising, given that all of the popular TCP/IP-based transport protocols used in today’s IoT devices (e.g., HTTP and MQTT) support the negotiation and use of a secure (encrypted) transport channel by means of Transport Layer Security (TLS). Eclipse Hono has supported the use of TLS in its HTTP and MQTT protocol adapters from the very beginning. The recently released 0.9-M2 milestone has added su...

Big data, IoT will drive world's data to grow 5X by 2025

Source: TechRepublic Video surveillance and entertainment data investments will increase the global datasphere, according to a Seagate report.

Cloud and edge computing for IoT: a short history

Source: IOT : IOT While edge and cloud computing are often seen as mutually exclusive approaches, larger IoT projects frequently require a combination of both. In order to understand today’s vision of IoT and the complementary characters of edge and cloud computing, we want to go back in time and take a look at their evolution over recent decades. Source: Bosch Software Innovations A look back at the history of communication and distributed systems reveals that edge computing as such is not new. Our graphic shows the evolution of edge computing and ends with our vision of how edge and cloud computing can be combined to deliver the best value. The beginnings of decentralized computing The origin of edge computing can be traced back to the 1990s, when Akamai launched its content delivery net...

SMIGHT: Transforming corporations with an IoT platform

Source: IOT : IOT Pioneer within a large organization Rapude has been working for EnBW for ten years. Around three years ago, he moved to SMIGHT. What’s the key difference? “Like all big corporations, EnBW is a tanker that sometimes has difficulty changing course,” Rapude says. “Here at SMIGHT, we have a lot of freedom to move quickly, make our own decisions and, of course, make our own mistakes. This allows us to experiment with new ideas, which is something that can be difficult to do in large organizations.” SMIGHT’s role at EnBW SMIGHT is a microbusiness unit at EnBW. It was set up in 2014 on the EnBW Innovation Campus in Karlsruhe. SMIGHT develops smart city and smart grid solutions and is a driving force in creating new business opportunities for EnBW. Although SMIGHT is still part o...

Data is the Future of Brand Identity

Source: IOT Brands have always used a host of different tools, from advertising to product design, to clearly define themselves to their audiences. They understand that without communicating their voice, values, mission and approach, many brands would feel largely interchangeable. Sure, Nike makes sneakers and apparel for athletes, with a message that speaks to speed, design, and […] The post Data is the Future of Brand Identity appeared first on ReadWrite.

IoT in Action: Enabling Intelligent Healthcare Solutions

Source: IOT Space is filling up fast for the IoT in Action event in Orlando. Make sure you register for free today! At a Missouri hospital, babies born with congenital heart disease benefit from remote monitoring solutions that allow doctors to see their vital signs within two minutes of the data being collected. If there are any […] The post IoT in Action: Enabling Intelligent Healthcare Solutions appeared first on ReadWrite.

How standards are smoothing the energy transition

Source: IOT : IOT What EEBUS covers EEBUS EEBUS is looking to establish standards amid the clutter of the current energy domain. Founded in Europe, the EEBUS association brings together 70 different companies, all of which are linked to the energy market in one way or another. The overarching goal of EEBUS is to provide a common basis upon which the IoT devices of different vendors can be managed and controlled in conjunction with one another. The magic word is interoperability. More EEBUS EEBUS covers two aspects: first, there is a protocol – the SHIP (Smart Home IP) protocol. One of the principal objectives is to fulfil the strict security standards required in the energy domain. SHIP complies with the security regulations of the German Federal Office for Information Security. Second, an...

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