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AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Device Management Now Available in the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region

Source: AWS AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Device Management are now available in the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region. 

Introducing the Smart Product Solution

Source: AWS The smart product solution provides secure product connectivity to the AWS Cloud, and includes capabilities for local computing within products, sophisticated event rules, and data processing and storage. The solution features fast and robust data ingestion; highly reliable and durable storage of product telemetry data; simple, scalable big data services for analyzing the data; and global messaging and application services.

AWS IoT Core Adds the Ability to Configure Quality of Service (QoS) for Republish Action

Source: AWS Starting today, AWS IoT Core customers can configure the quality of service (QoS) when publishing messages via the republish action of a topic rule. AWS IoT Core supports QoS levels 0 and 1 for MQTT messages, where QoS 0 means a message is delivered zero or more times and QoS 1 means message is delivered one or more times. See AWS IoT MQTT documentation for more details about AWS IoT QoS definition.