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AWS Direct Connect Announces Resiliency Toolkit to Help Customers Order Resilient Connectivity to AWS

Source: AWS AWS Direct Connect has enhanced the AWS management console and added support for the Connection Wizard as part of the Resiliency Toolkit. The Connection Wizard provides AWS customers the ability to achieve highly resilient network connections between AWS and their on-premises infrastructure. The use of the Connection Wizard lets you order Dedicated connections to meet your SLA needs. You can select a resiliency model, and then the Connection Wizard guides you through the Dedicated connection ordering process. The resiliency models are designed to ensure that you have the appropriate number of connections in multiple AWS Direct Connect locations so that you have connectivity to AWS in case of a connection, a device, or a location failure.

AWS Direct Connect support for AWS Transit Gateway is Now Available in AWS EU (Ireland) region

Source: AWS AWS Direct Connect support for AWS Transit Gateway is now available in AWS EU (Ireland) region. With this feature, customers can connect thousands of Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) in multiple AWS Regions to their on-premises networks using 1/2/5/10 Gbps AWS Direct Connect connections.