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AWS Backup Enhances SNS Notifications to filter on job status

Source: AWS AWS Backup now provides customers an automated way to receive notifications based on the status of their backup, restore, and recovery point jobs. For customers using SNS notifications to monitor their backups, this functionality will allow customers to directly filter for certain job status types, such as failed backup jobs. Prior to this, customers would have to discern the job status from the message, without the ability to filter on this attribute. This release is a continuation of our commitment to make data protection as seamless and as automated as possible for our customers. See the SNS for AWS Backup for instructions and best practices.

AWS Backup will Automatically Copy Tags from Resource to Recovery Point

Source: AWS AWS Backup now provides customers a more seamless way to manage their backups, by automatically copying tags from their resources to their backups. For customers using tags to manage their AWS resources, AWS Backup will enable them to more effectively search for source resources or conduct billing for their backups. See AWS Tagging Strategies for tagging best practices.