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Amazon QuickSight launches Actions for dashboard interactivity, UI based ingestion history and more

Source: AWS Amazon QuickSight dashboards now support one-click filtering through QuickSight Actions. Readers of dashboards can click on data points in charts to view relevant, filtered details across other visuals. Authors can configure Actions to provide detailed insights either via filtering the same dashboard or navigating to a link outside of the dashboard via QuickSight’s URL actions. To learn more about QuickSight Actions, see here.

Amazon QuickSight supports Seoul region, dashboard printing and more

Source: AWS Amazon QuickSight is now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region. New users can sign up for QuickSight with Asia Pacific (Seoul) as their home region, making SPICE capacity available in-region and providing proximity to AWS and on-premises data sources. Existing Amazon QuickSight users can switch to this region via the region switcher in the User Interface to provision SPICE capacity, and enable faster and cheaper connectivity to data sources in that region.

Amazon QuickSight announces Data Source Sharing, Table Transpose, New Filtering and Analytical Capabilities

Source: AWS Amazon QuickSight now supports sharing data sources with users and groups. You can create data sources from any data source supported by QuickSight and share across users and groups similar to other assets such as data sets, analyses, and dashboards. With this feature, data source co-owners can now edit the underlying SQL for custom SQL data sets. Data source sharing is supported on all types except S3 analytics and file-based data sets. See here for details.

Amazon QuickSight Announces Favorites, Anomaly Alerts and More

Source: AWS Amazon QuickSight announces new features that improve organizing assets, send email alerts on anomalies, other improvements with anomaly detection capabilities and introduces Word Cloud chart type to represent categorical fields.