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Amazon EMR introduces Block Public Access Configuration to secure EMR clusters from unintentional network exposure.

Source: AWS Amazon EMR has introduced a new account level configuration called Block Public Access to help administrators secure their EMR clusters from unrestricted public-network access. You can enable this configuration and prevent your account users from launching clusters with security group rules that open ports for inbound traffic from IPv4 or IPv6 ::/0. You can configure exceptions in Block Public access configuration to allow public access on a port or range of ports before you launch EMR clusters. Please visit Using Amazon EMR Block Public Access configuration to learn more. This feature is available now in the US East (N.Virgina and Ohio), US West (N.California and Oregon), Canada (Central), EU(Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris and Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seo...

Amazon EMR announces support for runtime installation of external libraries with EMR Notebooks

Source: AWS You can now install external Python libraries on EMR clusters at runtime using EMR Notebooks. Before this feature, you had to use a bootstrap action or use a custom AMI to install additional libraries not packaged with the AMI before you launched the EMR cluster. This feature allows you to import your preferred libraries and use them to build your Spark application, analyze data, and visualize the results from within your notebook. The Python libraries you install using EMR Notebooks are isolated to the notebook session and will not interfere with existing libraries on the EMR cluster. You can import these libraries from either public or private PyPI repositories. Please visit Using Notebook-scoped Libraries to learn more about this feature. This feature is available starting E...

Achieve 3x better Spark performance with EMR 5.25.0

Source: AWS You can now use Spark 2.4.3, Presto 0.220, Apache Hive 2.3.5, and Apache Tez 0.9.2 on Amazon EMR release 5.25.0.