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Month: August 2012

Beginners Guide to Fetish Clubs

Beginners Guide to Fetish Clubs No one comes out of the womb latex clad and armed with a beat; no matter how well versed in the fine art of fetish some may be, they all had to start somewhere! Whether you’ re merely curious to catch a glimpse of what goes on inside these notorious kinky nightclubs, or you’ re actually interested in dabbling in the fetish scene, entering a fetish club for the first time can be a little intimidating. But never fear – all you need is a great outfit, a mind and some basic know-how to take your first measures into the cult of fetish clubs with ease. The first two are simple enough to obtain, and for the third we’ ve got your back; here’ s our what, in which and how guide to get you from curious to club… What can I expect fro...